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Online Contemporary Acrobatic Dance lessons

Online Contemporary Acrobatic Dance lessons from Fabrica Athens. The Multifunctional Art Group Fabrica Athens includes in its program online courses of Contemporary Acrobatic Dance.
Our Contemporary Acrobatic Dance online courses include warm-up, strengthening, flexibility and short choreography. We start with strengthening the torso to warm up, we continue with stretching the muscles and tendons to maintain the range of their movements and their proper perspiration to avoid injuries. Then, with simple kinesiological combinations, we proceed to a shorter and more complex choreography, which can be performed in a limited space. In our lessons, we may also use items that we all have in our house, such as pillows, sheets, etc.

We live at home.

We are on the move.

Georgia Kotokou

Georgia Kotokou is a graduate of the Anna Petrova Vocational Dance School and is a certified dance teacher by the Ministry of Culture, with many years of teaching experience in recognized dance schools and studios. He has attended seminars in contemporary dance techniques, Modern Jazz, Commercial, in Greece and abroad with renowned artists such as: Erion Kruja – Yeji Kim – Sita Ostheimer – Edouard Hue (Hofesh Shechter), Thomas Lebrun, Raphaelle Delaunay, Sylvain Prunenec, Ruiz – Abigail Yager (Trisha Brown Company), Anne BEAUCOUSIN Street Jazz | Modern Jazz | Funk Jazz Hip Hop, Sébastien STH, Sanka (Hip-Hop), Thierry Mercier, Linda Kapetanea (Fighting Monkey-Rootlessroot), Markella Manoliadi, Christina Sougioultzi (And yet it moves), Tassos Karachalio and others.

She has participated in the Corfu Dance Festival One small step in Performance Project with Anton Lachky and Performance Project with Martin Kilvady as well as in the Kalamata Dance Festival with Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot. As a dancer Performer has collaborated with several dance groups, Compagnie Emotions (Paris, France), Mutate Dance Project, etc. He has participated in musicals, music and dance productions and events. She is an active dancer with special skills in aerial acrobatics and fire dancing.

Early booking is required to participate in the online course.


Course: Contemporary Acrobatic dance

Where: Online through the zoom platform

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday 17:00 – 18:30

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