Live Music & Visual Art – Free Form Trio – 08/12/18

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Live Music & Visual Art – Free Form Trio – 08/12/18

Live Music and Visual Art by Free Form Trio.

The theatrical team of Fabrica Athens hosts their Free Form Trio at the Fabrica Technosphere in a Music Night with Visual Art.

On Saturday, December 8, the Free Form Trio will perform a live music at the handmade theater of Technochoros Fabricas. In combination with the use of Visual Art, the artists will present pieces from their already recorded material, as well as favorite music covers. The Live will take place in the underground, alternative stage Fabrica Theater Stage.
The Free Form Trio were created in the summer of 2013 in an improvised music meeting. Moving within the framework of experimental, musical improvisation, they have created two collections entitled “Related” and “Through”. The collections consist of musical depictions of experiences, emotions and natural landscapes, given through the exploration of electric sound and maintaining a tangible melodic and harmonious basis.
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When: Saturday 08/12/18
Ticket: Free Admission
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Theater Stage
More Information and Reservations: 69 78 47 31 41