INTERVIEW: A socio-political black comedy by the group “WE”

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
INTERVIEW: A socio-political black comedy by the group “WE”
One job interview, four candidates and one vote.
Humiliating questions and trials, leading to a process of comedic-tragic absurdity

The idea

Power – Those in power. The system – The citizens. Capital – Consumers.
Employers – Employees. The voice – The candidates
Timeless relationships of hatred and passion, conflict and interdependence.

At a time when these opposite poles are moving away, at a steadily accelerating pace, “WE” present their comedic-tragic relationship, exploring its limits, with a mood of mocking demonization, stubbornly excluding gloom and misery.

The play

A job interview. One voice (power). Four candidates.

The candidates represent four social groups, which are dramatically affected by the current conditions and which are in the arena of job search (manual workers, artists, scientists, unskilled workers). It is the voice that evaluates every citizen who wishes to work and decides on recruitment in all areas of work without exception. Sooner or later, all the human resources will be forced to go through the “interview”.

The interview begins formally, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Candidates relax and let their weaknesses be revealed. The voice slowly begins to manipulate them, asking them irrational questions and forcing them to humiliating trials. The candidates are in despair and have nothing to lose. They thus lead to a cannibalistic process of competition. All this absurdity fatally provokes comic dialogues and situations.

Next candidates? The audience…

  • The text of the show was created by all the members of the team during the rehearsals, in the spring of 2013. The show received an honorary distinction from the group for Unesco Piraeus and Islands. This year you are presenting the show for the 4th consecutive year.

The team

Direction – Music editing: Christos Thanos
Assistant Director: Christos Papamichael
Costume editing: Sofia Kapsabeli
Lighting: Costas Bethanis
Actors: Sofia Kapsampeli, Maria Zervou, Sotiris Douvris, Vassilis Tourkomenis, Christos Papamichael, Christos Thanos


From December 4, every Friday at 21:15
At the Fabrica Technochoros (125 M. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos)
Duration: 80 minutes
Reservation phone: 6993921005
Admission with free contribution.

Why free contribution

Because art must be accessible to all. How much more an art that claims the privilege of representing the underprivileged. An art that requires to be judged by the result.

We are looking forward to a spectator, who will not be a consumer of an entertainment product, but an active sponsor of an artistic process and an integral part of it.

Our action, with the practice of free contribution, will remain viable only if, in a climate of solidarity, the spectator who has the financial means, covers the possible weakness of his composer.