Hidden misery- Tou Senpleman- from 03/02/18

Kρυφός Καημός, του Ανδρέα Καρκαβίτσα- Tou senpleman
Hidden misery- Tou Senpleman- from 03/02/18
The theatrical group Tou Senpleman returns after a great response from the audience with the short story by Andreas Karkavitsas “Hidden misery” for five more performances from February 3 to March 3, every Saturday at 19:00.

The play was first presented to the Athenian audience at the Fabrica Technopark in November after its participation in the 5th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival as it won the audience award in November. It was also presented in Thessaloniki in January at STUDIO 29A.

The short story was written in 1885 and was first published on October 26 of the same year, in the magazine Evdomas entitled “Chrysanthos”.

A few words about the project:

”… .I want you to be a man! Well, I wanted it too, but how? Where will the silver wand of the witch be found that changes the female nature as she changes the treasures in the fairy tales on coals?… »

Before the outbreak of the Greek Revolution of 1821 there was a need for men for the liberation of the nation and the creation of an independent Greek state. The last hope of a large family to offer a member to the revolution dies with the birth of another female. The father decides to raise the girl as a boy. Chrysi becomes Chrysantos and makes an offer to the revolution. The battles take place in all areas of Elias “war in Lala in Patras in Santemeri in Chlimoutsi”.

The work focuses on the position of women and the impossibility of choice. The father, using this quality (of the creator of a human life), commits insults as he denies the sex of his child and chooses to change it himself. The daughter, as the weaker sex and helpless, submits to the power of the father and this has as a result that the satisfaction of her “creator” becomes an end in itself since she owes her her life. The girl was nurtured to endure the God of War through the constant bestiality and battles of 1821. But she has not formed resistance for another, equally powerful God, the God of Love. What happens when she appears? Is a girl capable of going against her nature to fulfill her father’s wishes?


Cast: Pelia Giannoulatou, Iliana Baferou

Directed by: Niki Doulgeraki

Sets / Costumes: Tou senpleman

Lighting design: Panagiotis Dimouleas

Photos: Christina Sarlami


Performances: from March 3 to February 3 – Saturday at 19:00

Performance duration: 45 minutes

Admission with free contribution

* telephone reservation is required: 6945213738

Venue: Fabrica Technochoros, 125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos, Athens