Her name is Eva-Dir. Antonis Boscoitis – from 16/02/18

Την λένε Εύα- Αντώνης Μποσκοΐτης
Her name is Eva-Dir. Antonis Boscoitis – from 16/02/18

The play “They call her Eva”, written and directed by Antonis Boscoitis, is hosted at the Fabrica Technopark from February 16, 2018, every Friday at 21:15.

Two years after the first ascent in Athens, the work was presented with great success in London, in the church of Sainte Ethelbourga.

This is an interview given by the well-known trans performer Eva Koumarianou to the journalist and director Antonis Boscoitis, who signs her theatricality. The narration of Eva Koumarianou’s life, starring herself on stage, in an alternation of extreme emotions and marginal outbursts that stigmatize racial racism and subvert social stereotypes.

The play received warm reviews, while it was honored at the Queer Theater Awards 2015 with the Award “Trans Visibility at the Theater” to Eva Koumarianou and the Award for Best Music and Song (Stefanos Chytiris / Lena Platonos).

Genre: Biography


Text / direction: Antonis Boscoitis

Assistant director: Thrasyvoulos Kalaitzidis

Music: Stefanos Chytiris

Vocals: Lena Platonos (music), Eleni Fotaki (lyrics), Tania Tsanaklidou (interpretation)

Lighting: Dimitris Theodoropoulos

Photos: Spy Buonviaggio

Public Relations & Communication: Konstantinos Platis

Performers: Eva Koumarianou – Antonis Boscoitis


Performances: from February 16 to April 28

Day and time: Friday 21:15

Duration: 80 ‘without break

Reservations: 6944654489

Venue: Fabrica Technochoros, 125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos, Athens

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tinleneeva/

Performance photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgeykqFrAqJj00sx6iNOPtrMGCnW