Greekvision-Seperians-01/11 έως 06/12/19

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Greekvision: A new theatrical inspiration at the Fabrica Art Space

The Fabrica Athens Multifunctional Art Group welcomes the Seperians, who won 2nd Prize at the 7th Handmade and Recycled Theater Company.

The play Greekvision and the Seperians team, was awarded the 2nd prize – Audience Award – at the 7th HRTF, which includes 6 performances at the Fabrica Theater Stage with free theater by the Fabrica Athens team.

People now rarely think, they just do. They do not do what they want to do, but what others force them to do. They know everything, knowing nothing. The people in our country today are all rational, in their enormous absurdity. Greekviosion is a modern timeless comedy from which fortunately or unfortunately, literally and figuratively you can not escape.


Text: Mikropoulos Leonidas
Directed by: Giannis Tyrovolas
Set design: From the Seperians group
Cast: Giannis Sepe, Mikropoulos Leonidas, Elena Papavassiliou, Stavros Eleftheroglou


When: every Friday from 01/11 to 06/12/19
Time: 22:00
Duration: 70 minutes
Ticket: 6 euros
Reservations: via
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Theater Stage