First Attempt – Exhibition, Poetry Collection – 07-20 / 03/2020

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First Attempt
An artistic event dedicated to two separate people.

The Multifunctional Art Group Fabrica Athens, in the context of its social action, actively supports the reintegration procedures and the personal expression of the inmates in penitentiary institutions. Together with the Social Service of the Korydallos Prisoners ‘Psychiatric Hospital, they present the First Attempt, an action – a soul test by two members of the theatrical group and the visual expression group of the Korydallos Prisoners’ Psychiatric Hospital.

The First Attempt includes

  • the painting exhibition of the recently released Sotiris Laliotis, with portraits and self-portraits
  • the presentation of the poetry collection of Alexandros V., with poems written during his incarceration in the psychiatric unit.

On March 7, at 18:00 at the Fabrica Artspace (125 Megalou Alexandrou, Keramikos), the paintings and the poetry collection will be presented, in an event of collaboration with the Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Hospital

The purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between the “inside” and the “outside” by supporting reintegration through expression.

Responsible for the event are Stathis Grapsas, director and animator with long-term activity of theatrical workshops in penitentiaries, and Fanis Katechos, member of Fabrica Athens, who participates voluntarily in the theatrical programs of the Social Service of the last two years.

The event will be addressed by:
  • Dimitra Stavrou, curator of the publication of the poetry collection of Alexandros V.,
  • Despina Meimaroglou, artist with experience in youth prisons,
  • Alkistis Boura, social worker, art psychotherapist, coordinator of the art therapy group of D.D.K.
  • Representative of the Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Hospital

Poems will be read by the actors Hector Liatsos, Loukia Pistiola, Stathis Grapsas, Fanis Katechos and others that will be announced soon.

The event will feature melodic poems by Alexandros Kazakos and Stratis Liatsos.


Opening: March 7, 18:00
Exhibition duration: 07 – 20 March 2020
Where: Fabrica Artspace (125 Megalou Alexandrou, Kerameikos)
Event organizers: Fanis Katechos and Stathis Grapsas

With the support of the Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Hospital.