Fascism SA – 10/04/2014

Fascism SA – 10/04/2014
Fabrica Artspace and the Multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens, invite you on Thursday 10/04/2014 to its ground floor, in order to hold the public screening of the documentary Fascism SA.

* Because fascism is not only the Golden Dawn gang but also the politicians, businessmen and publishers who raised it ……

* Because the economic crisis that favors the development of fascism and Nazism is in front of us and not behind us…

* Because the whole of Europe is sinking into the darkness of the far right…

The creators of Debtocracy and Catastroika return with a new documentary that aspires to inspire and inspire anti-fascist movements across Europe while continuing one of the greatest experiments in independent journalism.

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* The documentary will be released freely from day one, without restrictions on use and retransmission in various cities in Greece and abroad.