Fabrica Lab – Fabrica Athens – Weekly Laboratories 2019 – 2020

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Fabrica Lab – Fabrica Athens – Weekly Laboratories 2019 – 2020

The Multifunctional Art Team – Fabrica Athens is pleased to announce the program of the annual course – Fabrica Lab that will take place in the 2019-2020 season.

Below you will find detailed information about each laboratory. We would like to inform you that in order to participate in the workshops, it is necessary to book a place by phone, due to limited places. For further information and reservations, those interested can contact the phones listed at the end.

  • Theater of Research – Fanis Katechos From Tuesday 22/10/19, 18:00 – 20:30

Fanis Katechos, a founding member of Fabrica Athens, inspirer and keynote speaker of the modern theatrical method “Research Theater”, intensively shares for another year the findings of his personal theatrical research, within the annual Fabrica Lab. Participants practice and are familiar with the techniques he has developed and the methods he incorporates into practice, such as those of Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Peter Brook, Suzuki and Suzan Batson.

The “Theater of Research” is an idea based on practice, which takes place in the here and now. Activating the body, exploring and expanding its boundaries, relaxing the mind, but also exploring the authentic sound landscapes it produces. The goal is the recognition and release of the visible and invisible masks of the human – actor, the extraction of the diamonds that are hidden in each one and the creation of personal (physical – spiritual) and group unity. It is also important to implant the seed of the actor’s autonomy, through the effort to create his personal method, while the overall training through the courses – meetings aims to shape people – artists “plasticine” who are “multi-tools” , “Transparent” who will let others see through them the hidden truth and “anxious” who will manage their roles as tightrope walkers.

It is a direct and quick way to get to know ourselves and those around us, realizing the elements that unite us, such as the same concerns and the same wants. Promotes the contribution of individuality and diversity to the whole. It builds trust with strong foundations between people. It contributes to the acquisition of values ​​and the formation of an integrated personality, reminding, from its structure alone, that the one who gives is rich. It gives impetus and motivation to people of all ages to believe again and to create, with the means at their disposal, worlds that in our time are considered utopian. The constant search and use of data by various methods results in the unlocking of various individual issues and the solution of problems concerning the whole.

  • Ram Yoga – Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti From Thursday 24/10/19, 18:00 – 19:30

Yoga classes are a personal encounter with the breath, body and sound it produces.
The space and what it includes.
Meeting with the inside, the outside and the space between them.
With pause and silence.
A link to I Am That.
A step towards True Nature.

  • Connect the trainee with the present moment.
  • Redefine our axis and boundaries.
  • Encourage a journey of questions and self-knowledge.
  • Let everyone discover the reason that is practiced.

The lessons are based on classic Yoga practices, such as those of Yengar Yoga, Nada Yoga and Hatha Yoga. In this context we will move progressively from breathing exercises (pranayama) and physical activities (asana) to meditation (dhyana) and we will touch on pieces of the philosophy of Yoga (Yoga Sutras). Each lesson will be independent. There will be a connection and continuity between the courses.

The aim of these courses is to be a small retreat, or otherwise a break in everyday life. To create space and time for each person for personal training and relaxation of the body and mind, so that he can return refreshed to the whole. In addition, in a more general context, the lessons have a purpose: The Ram Yoga title of the lessons is inspired by the god Rama of Hindu mythology. It is an incarnation of the god Visnu, god of conservation. It symbolizes our inner flame, which is located in the 3rd energy center (chakra) and purifies the body and mind. In turn the 3rd chakra is associated with inner strength and will, which many translate as courage. We all have this transformative energy and it is an integral part of a continuous practice that will help us overcome any obstacle in life.

  • Suzuki Training Meetings – Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti From Friday 25/10/19, 18:00 – 19:30

The purpose of the meetings is to create a common place and time, where performing artists have the opportunity to train together, get to know each other through theatrical training and come into a first contact with the Suzuki method. The need to hold meetings and spread the Suzuki training method was born after participating in the Suzuki Training summer program in Japan with Tadashi Suzuki, Kameron H. Steele and Aki Sato – Johnson. By encouraging them to share the method and continue training with a team, the meetings are not so much a lesson as a lesson, but a willingness to build a group theatrical training environment based on the values ​​of the Suzuki method.

A few words about the Suzuki method:

An MRI reveals to the patient where they are located and what are the deep problems of his body. Theatrical training – Tadashi Suzuki’s method for the actor – performer works in the same way.

The Suzuki practitioner has the opportunity to find out where he is sick, just as the MRI does. The only difference between the theatrical method Suzuki and the tomograph is this: the first, in addition to showing you where the disease is, gives the actor-performer the opportunity to be healed.

So, the Suzuki Method is a world-renowned theatrical workout that:

  • Highlights in the actor – performer unresolved knots and obstacles.
  • Through practice he solves and overcomes the obstacles that appear.
  • It gives the actor-performer the opportunity to maintain his level of energy and makes him ready.
  • It encourages practitioners to live by the “question” instead of the “answer”.

Fabrica Jam From Monday 21/10/19, 18:00 – 19:30

An open training selection workshop. In these meetings a lesson will be held according to the needs of each period and group. It can be one of the above workshops, as well as a course on stilts, circus techniques, training of theater instructors, screenings, etc.

Information – Reservations:

Fanis Katechos: +30 6973597570
Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti: +30 6949409474