Extension of performances from 20/3/17 – “The Bear”, by Anton Chekhov

«Η Αρκούδα», του Αντόν Τσέχωφ , Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
Extension of performances from 20/3/17 – “The Bear”, by Anton Chekhov
After the warm response of the audience and critics, “The Theatrical Team of Nikola Spanou” is pleased to announce the extension of the performances of the play “The Bear” by Anton Chekhov, which is presented at the Theater, “Art Space Fabrika”.

For 6 more performances from March 20 to April 4, Monday and Tuesday at 21.00 we travel in a dream of Chekhov. The show was successfully completed from January 2 to March 7 at the Fabrica Art Space.

Discreet satire and the comically tragic human condition are the fundamental materials in Chekhov’s works. “The Bear: A Joke in an Act”, or “The Bear” premiered in Moscow in 1888 and the reception was enthusiastic.

Chekhov himself treated it with innocence and self-sarcasm. He writes to a friend: “Just to kill my time, I wrote a little trivial vaudeville in French called ‘The Bear.’ Alas! If they realize in “Modern Times” that I write “vaudeville” they will expel me. What to do; I am designing something significant and it turns out tra-la-la! “Despite my attempts at seriousness, the result is zero; with me everything important is transformed into insignificant.”

During Chekhov’s lifetime, the play had many premieres with great success. After his death, “The Bear” crosses the Russian border. In 1911 it was played in London and in 1915 in New York. In 1935 the director and theatrical producer, Vsevolod Meyerhold staged the play “33 Fainting Episodes”. For the first time, “The Anniversary”, “The Bear” and “The Marriage Proposal” are played together on stage. From then until today, “The Bear” insists on reviving the theatrical stage, usually in combination with other Chekhov solos, knowing innumerable performances and adaptations.

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Text Performance: Nikolas Spanos

Directed by: Nikolas Spanos

Cast: Grigory Stepanovich Smirnov: Michalis Zacharias, Elena Ivanovna Popova: Katerina Tsakanaki, Loukas: Konstantinos Blathras

Music: Themis Teloglou

Sets-costumes: Vasiliki Spanou

Lighting: Polydefkis Kyrlidis

Photos: Spyros Panagiotopoulos


Days and hours of performances: From Monday, March 20 to April 4,  every Monday & Tuesday at 21:00

Ticket: Admission with Free Contribution

Performance Duration: 90 minutes

Venue: Fabrica Art Space, 125 Megalou Alexandrou, Kerameikos Metro Station

Reservations: 693 2536788

Information about the team can be found here: