Dream Department / Theatrical Analogy – Handan Ozbilgin – 09/11/18

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Dream Department / Theatrical Analogy – Handan Ozbilgin – 09/11/18

The organization Between the Seas Festival, the Fabrica Technochoros and the Multifunctional Art Group Fabrica athens invite you to the Theatrical Lecture “Department of Dreams”.

It is a great pleasure to host Handan Ozbilgin in the most handmade place in Athens. The artist directs the dystopian political satire of Jeton Neziraj “Department of Dreams” in the form of an analogy with Greek actors, after the theatrical writing seminar that will take place with him, from November 5 to 10 at the reading room of Art Space.

“In the dream section, it is never possible to get out of the same door you entered through. Everything is made to look like a dream. I know, you would say that dreams do not take up physical space. This building, then, is not a natural space. […]
The first floor, also known as the “reception floor” is the place where citizens can submit their dreams. The second floor, also known as the “sorting floor”, is the floor where dreams are divided into categories and sent to specific areas. The third floor, the one we are in now and where your office is, has a different name, is the “floor of intermediate dreams” ”.”

Handan Ozbilgin is coming to Athens to direct the dystopian political satire of Jeton Neziraj Department of Dreams, in the form of an analogy with Greek actors. Free entrance. A discussion with the writer and the director will follow.

Curriculum vitae:

Jeton Neziraj, former artistic director of the Kosovo National Theater and founder of the independent artistic organization Qendra Multimedia (www.qendra.org), which focuses on contemporary theater and literature, has written more than 20 plays, which have been translated into more than 15 languages.
As a writer he has collaborated with theatrical organizations such as: Volkstheater (Vienna), National Theater of Wales, National Theater of Montenegro, National Theater of Turkey, Schlachthaus Theater (Bern), National Theater of Kosovo, Hessisches Staatstheater (Wiesbaden) ), Bitef Theater (Belgrade), Nomad Theater (London), Collectife Termos (Paris) etc.

His works have been presented at important European festivals, winning important international distinctions and awards. Neziraj is the founder and artistic director of the Polip International Literature Festival in Pristina, while he is also a representative of the Albanian committee of the Eurodram network and a member of the European Cultural Parliament. He also writes regular articles on cultural and social issues in international journals.

Handan Ozbilgin is a New York-based director and deputy artistic director of the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) at LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC). She is also in charge of programming and production at The Rough Draft Theater Festival, a festival that focuses on work in process, while teaching acting at LAGCC where she develops new plays with her students. He has recently directed the plays:
Privatopia by Maria Efstathiadis (Cairo International Experimental Theater Sept, 2017), Athens on the Half Shell by Joey Merlo (LPAC, October 2018.)

Collaborates with Lark Play Development Center and New Georges. He is a member of Lincoln Center’s Director Lab, Theater Without Borders, Atelier for Young Festival Managers and ELI (Emerging Leadership Institute) More information: handanozbilgin.com

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