“Dive” Acting How? Performance 2016

“Dive” Acting How? Performance 2016
We go out in the yard of the Fabrica Art Space… inhale… and dive…

– The club sound is lost. I only hear the sound of your dive.
– The club sound disappears. Summer night bath… Are you still there?
– I want to share this moment with someone.
– Because if I do not share it, what is the point of living it?
– I hold my breath as much as I can.
– In a little while I will run out of oxygen…
– In a little while my heart will stop beating…

Performance Information
Where: In our sea in the city…
In the courtyard of the Fabrica Technopark: 125 Meg. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos, Athens

When: Summer!
Saturday 25 June at 18:00 & at 20:00
Sunday 26 June at 18:00 & at 20:00

Admission: Free Diving.

Direction / Teaching: Dimitra Syros

They play:
Alexandra Kalogirou, Anastasia Leimoni, Antonia Panagou, Despina Asvesta, Despina Varotsaki, Despina Tsichli, Dimitris Zouras, Thomas Daroutsos, Katerina Vavouraki, Lydia Tsatsou-Paraskevogou, Moukis Toulou, Mou Sotiria Papantidou, Yvonne Maria Uziel, Fotis Kontodimas, Charalambos Vazoukis

Sponsor: “Synthetic Self-Knowledge” by Evi Syros
The “Acting How?” is hosted and supported by the field of “Synthetic Self-Knowledge” of Evi Syros, Cognitive Psychologist – Doctorante Université Lumière Lyon2.

Acting How?
The theatrical, educational group “Acting How?” holds weekly meetings on acting training.

Fabrica Technopark
Our show will be hosted in the yard of the Fabrica Technopark, in our hangout in the city!