Creative Photography Seminar – Christos Maltezos – 13/01 to 03/03

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Creative Photography Seminar – Christos Maltezos – 13/01 to 03/03

Creative Photography Seminar with Christos Maltezos at Fabrica Art Space

The Theatrical Team of Fabrica Athens welcomes Christos Maltezos with a Creative Photography Seminar in the most Handmade Space of Athens.

Two months of Creative Photography start on January 13 with free admission on the opening day.

The seminar is aimed at beginners and experienced photographers. In addition to all the technical issues that are analyzed, it is mainly a laboratory of knowledge and aesthetics of photography, approaching the work of important photographers of the history of photography and contemporaries.

The seminar is all about photography. This means that participants after the end of the course will have full training in technical subjects, and practical experience on the principles of visual perception, as the seminar includes photography. All lectures include technical and aesthetic topics related to creative photography.

Each week includes a photo theme that participants will submit for evaluation. Application and analysis of technical and aesthetic issues.
Aesthetic themes with examples from the work of important photographers. Camera Obscura, Pictorialism, Straight photography, contemporary photography.
Photo exhibition of the seminar participants.


  1. Take and edit a photo.
  2. Visible range.
  3. Photo digitization.
  4. Types of DSLR sensors and their capabilities, image resolution, causes of digital noise, distortion, sensitivity range, causes of optical errors and how the photographer can deal with them.
  5. Lenses and their potential, optical errors, and angles.
  6. Depth of field and how we can achieve better results.
  7. Photometry, ISO, Color temperature.
  8. Artificial and natural lighting.
  9. Photo files and their capabilities for a better result.
  10. Dynamic area, color depth.
  11. Clarity, depth, tonality, contrast.
  12. Photo editing in photoshop, and other programs.
  13. Capture and visual perception.

Seminar: Creative Photography
Day: Every Sunday from 13/01 to 03/03 (8 weeks)
Hours: 10:30 – 13:00
Total hours: 20 hours
Cost 100 Euros
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Technopark
For participation statements and information: 6972365622 or via e-mail:

Curriculum vitae:
He studied photography in 1995 and since then has been involved in creative photography, organizing and curating exhibitions.