Contemporary ‘Greek directors in Kerameikos on Sundays 04/12/2016 to 02/04/2017

Ηorme pictures- Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
Contemporary ‘Greek directors in Kerameikos

Contemporary Greek directors in Kerameikos on Sundays
Vassilis Mazomenos presents a production of Technochoros Fabrika & Horme Pictures: Contemporary Greek Directors in Kerameikos.
Films of modern Greek cinema meet young people in the most in neighborhood of art.
Screenings of films with the presence of the directors on Sundays at 20:30, at the mini cinema of the Fabrica Technopark.
Every Sunday the program of screenings will be renewed. (Information below)
Free entrance
Movie schedule:

* Sunday, April 2, “Forever”, by M. Manta
* Sunday, March 26, “K. Gogou ”, by A. Boscoitis
* Sunday, March 19, “Risalto”, by V. Vafeas
* Sunday, February 26, “Romantics”, by Nikos Triantaphyllides
* Sunday, February 19 “No budget story”, by Renos Charalambidis
* Sunday, February 5, “Hannibal at the gates”, by E. Chronopoulou
* Sunday, January 29 “Tungsten”, by G. Georgopoulos
* Sunday, January 15, “The City of Children”, 2011, by George Gikapeppas
* Sunday, January 8 “Forget Me Not”, by Giannis Fagras (2014)
* Sunday, December 18 “Joy”, by Ilias Giannakakis, with Amalia Moutousi

* Sunday, December 4, “Fish n ‘chips”, by Elias Dimitriou (2012)