Contemporary Dance – Konstantinos Lallos – Weekly Courses 2019-2020

Μαθήματα Σύχρονου Χορού - Κωνσταντίνα Λάλου
Contemporary Dance – Konstantinos Lallos – Weekly Courses 2019-2020

Contemporary Dance with Konstantina Lallou at the Fabrica Art Space.

The Multifunctional Art Group – Fabrica Athens hosts for the 2nd consecutive year Konstantina Lallou and the weekly contemporary dance lessons.

“I’m not interested in how people move – I’m interested in what makes them move” Pina Bausch

Course aim:

We will work on the basic principles of modern dance, analyzing from scratch the mechanism of movement and not so much the result of it, we will unlock our body, we will know it and we will release it and of course we will dance…

Modern techniques used in the course:

  • Release techniques: (= release), we work with the least possible muscle tension in the movement, incorporating the breath in it. We emphasize the continuous, effortless flow of movement.
  • Use of Limon basic principles: Gravity (resistance and retreat), fall-return, swing, use of opposing forces, alignment, sequence, conversion of kinetic energy into dynamic and vice versa.
  • Dance improvisation: is the process of spontaneous movement creation. A free, seemingly unstructured and less technically strict form, inspired by everyday dance practices. Used to release the body to follow impulse to move, as evidenced by the various stimuli.

The courses are aimed at adults (level: beginner-intermediate).

Short Curriculum Vitae:

Konstantina Lallou is a dance teacher (A. Kafantari Higher Vocational School of Dance), Actor (A. Voutsinas Higher Drama School) and a graduate of Philology (AUTh.). He has taught: Contemporary, Ballet, Kinesiology for actors, jazz-musicals, Acting, Theatrical Play and Improvisation, in various groups and schools (with more recent schools: Conservatory of Northern Greece, A. Voutsinas, ATHEX. , Fabrica), in adults but also in children – adolescents. He has choreographed for theatrical performances (such as for DI.PE.THE Veria,
Kozani, Ioannina, M. Mercouri Theater, etc.) and has played – danced in theatrical – dance performances. He has attended seminars in both dance and theater & physical theater, dance theater, rhythm – body percussion, etc. He is active in the field of theater from 2006 until today.


Day: Every Thursday from October 2019 to May 2020
Hours: 16:30 – 18:00
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage
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