Colored Women – Bow Theater Group – 30/11 and 1,2,7,9 / 12/18

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Colored Women – Bow Theater Group – 30/11 and 1,2,7,9 / 12/18
The Multi-active Art Group Fabrica Athens and the Handmade Theater of the Fabrica Technopark host the Theatrical Performance “Colored Women”.

The Bow Theater Group and the play “Colored Women”, winner of the 2nd prize at the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival, begins its performances at the handmade Fabrica Art Space

How much can the past crush us?
A poetic, deeply existential thriller of emotional conflicts.

Two women, two sisters, Elli and Anna, in their attempt to escape from this something, the dark “past”, somewhere in their paternal home – or not.
Two opposite worlds that find their meeting point in the memory and representation of their childhood. They provoke, crumple, despair, reminisce, get angry, fall in love, die and are reborn from their ashes. Two beings, two opposing forces – the conscious and the unconscious.
And a path, this one in the dark fields of fantasy and repressed desire. Man’s fear of the unknown, the different, the uncertain. A struggle for survival. The redemption that comes through the other. A window to freedom that opens together.
“It is a challenging work in terms of its subject and its handling, but it is also a poetic edifice almost geometric and musical. The use of language, the concoctions of the rhythm, the experienced time of the persons, the elliptical writing, the underground interconnections of the motifs, the associative connection, form a complete formation. ”

Costas Georgousopoulos, “The News”, 19-11-1984

Short Team Curriculum Vitae:
The newly formed team BOW, with founding members Tina Tzatha and Kalli Kyriakou, begins the first kilometers of the theatrical board timidly and dynamically, with the first work “Colored Women”. Members and contributors have common starting points and recruits. Most of them are young actors and artists who aim to develop a common language and course.
When: November 30 and December 1,2,7,9 2018 (Friday, Saturday: 21.00, Sunday: 19:00)
Duration: 60:
Ticket: Admission with Free Contribution
Reservations: 69 78 47 31 41
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Theater Stage

Starring: Kalli Kyriakou, Tina Tzatha
Photo / Video: Konstantina Mantzari
Photos from performances: Romina Ioannidou, Giannis Poulimenos.
Poster / Program: Panos Geros
Stage Editing: Bow Theater
Project adaptation: Vassilis Ziogas