chOr [P] US visual: I “see” the sound or “hear” the image

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
chOr [P] US visual: I “see” the sound or “hear” the image
Beyond the limits of a vocal ensemble and with the sound finding its “visual” identity, the “chOrPUS visual” creates a peculiar amalgam of sound and movement. The newly formed artistic group is exactly what its name implies: “Chorus” voices, fortified in “Corpus” bodies, in a “opus visual” work.

Sound moves in space and time. and its stopping leaves imprints. So why can’t we see them? How is it possible to feel its traces? These basic questions of the composer and conductor Evangelia Velli-Kosma (VaVell) led her to a multi-year systematic research. The first answers were given by physics: Since waves, both visual and acoustic, have common features and properties, they can be one and the same event.

And so a new system was born that “breaks” the music code, deconstructs the sound and redefines it as an image, creating a new challenge: music and movement are now an art! Until now, the arts have served each other, creating new styles and trends, or even giving birth to new arts. But one always complemented the other and certainly some were superior.

The chOrPUS visual team proposes an equal association of music and movement, its performers trace the paths to empathy!

I “see” the sound or “hear” the image

The Factors
General director: Evangelia Velli-Kosma
Music director: Evangelia Velli-Kosma
Motion: Marianna Varviani
Dance: Thalia-Marie Papadopoulou
Vocals: Maria Latsinou