Chamber No. 6 – 01/02 to 15/03/2020

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Chamber No. 6 – 01/02 to 15/03/2020

Chamber No. 6 – A HIP HOP conversation of Chekhov with today.

The Multifunctional Art Group Fabrica Athens hosts the performance “Chamber No. 6” by Natasa – Faye Kosmidou and Costas Gakis at the Fabrica Theater Stage.

The show:

In the courtyard of the hospital there is a small ward for the mentally ill, ward No. 6.

But who judges who is “normal” and who is not?

Why would anyone feel “abnormal”?

How did poetry and beauty disappear from our lives?

How can we close our ears to the uprooting of so many people?

How can a person be considered “secret”?

How “housewife” is someone who has excluded warmth and humanity from his life?

These images pass before our eyes every day and then are erased. We forget. But life is not a story that lasts for 24 hours and then is lost.

Our show is a poetic collage that shouts: Do not forget!
For all those who, in barbarism, in this wild world, continue to fight, to dream, to sing the truth with tenderness.

Or so, a small wing for the mentally ill becomes for all of us a bright microcosm, a lantern.


Direction, Adaptation: Natasa – Faye Kosmidou
Directed by: Costas Gakis
Motion Curator: Electra Arsenidou
Music Editing: Eri Manoura
Starring: Electra Arsenidou, Natasa – Faye Kosmidou, Eri Manoura


When: Every Saturday and Sunday (from 01/02 to 15/03/2020)
Time: Saturday – 21:30, Sunday – 21:00
Duration: 90 minutes
Online Presale:
Contact telephone: 69 76 26 53 26
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Technochorou Theater (125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos)