Dancing spheres – 10/04/2022

Dancing spheres – 10/04/2022 Dancing spheres at Fabrica Artspace An evening dedicated to classical Indian dance within contemporary spectrum The living traditions of classical Indian dance “spoke” in our hearts in such a way that we enter so multiple and different spheres. Dancing on a tightrope in this modern world, we invite you to share […]

[20/10/2014]: “Listen Man”

“Listen Man” Monday & Tuesday: 21.15 (from October 20) at the Fabrica Technochoros (125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos) Duration: 50 50 A theatrical performance based on the legendary diary of Wilhelm Reich. Text adaptation / Direction: Despina – Marina Samara Assistant directors: Christina Davou, Katerina Tzova Cast: George Kelekis, Andzi Filinta, Maria – Fani […]

[31/10/2014]: “Like a Lie”

“Like a Lie” From 31/10/14 to 29/11/14 Marina Kostaki. A woman divorced. A different story. Last night at home where everything has something to say. Loves, passions, mistakes and sins… A few hours before moving out of the house where she has lived as a bachelor, but also as a married woman. Everything turns in […]

[16/11/2014]: “…Am i dreaming?”

“…Am i dreaming?” The Telitsa team has been wondering since Sunday, November 16 at the Fabrica Athens Technopark, in Kerameikos: “Or am I dreaming?” Phaedra saw in her dream that a red, magic balloon entered her room. It was very magical, because he traveled her in green and blue, taught her toys, told her funny […]

[16/11/2014]: “The Irish Bastard!”

“The Irish Bastard!” From 16/11/14 and for every Sunday at 20.30 Having managed to reach the final of the 1st Scratch Festival, winning the third place among the twelve entries, the theatrical team START comes to the Fabrica Athens Artspace to present the comedy of George Hatzikyriakos: The Irish Bastard The Irish in addition to […]

[26/11/2014]: “Marina Cvetaeva”

“Marina Cvetaeva” Drawing material from the life and work of the leading Russian poet, the Unison group presents the play Marina Tsvetaeva. Guided by the episodes of her hectic life, her letters, her confessions and her thoughts, the Unison team composes the portrait of this restless and multifaceted personality. Through multiple narratives, a fragmentary writing […]

[05/12/2014]: “My Suicide”

“My Suicide” In his first play entitled “My Suicide”, which premieres on December 5 at the Fabrica Artspace, Dimitris Katsimiris wonders with humor and sarcasm “Where does a person go when he commits suicide?” In heaven; To hell; What if in Hell it’s nice? “ In the play “My Suicide”, where the questions never stop, […]

[12/02/2016]: “The Basement from Above”

“The Basement from Above” The group Fresh Grown Herbs is introduced to the theatrical audience with the first work of the author Andreas Andreadis: “The Basement From Above”, at the Fabrica space from February 12. Once upon a time, he was a hero – every hero. The search for light led him to unprecedented adventures, […]

“Listen, human” by Reich Wilhelm

“Listen, human” by Reich Wilhelm Listen, little man of Reich Wilhelm Monday & Tuesday: 21:00 (from October 19 to December 22, 2015) A theatrical performance based on the legendary diary of the Austrian philosopher and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Contributors: Cast: George Kelekis, Andzi Filinta, Maria – Fani Psatha, Despina – Marina Samara Text adaptation / […]

“Estrogen 2 Oxygen” by the theatrical group “Lmd”

“Estrogen 2 Oxygen” by the theatrical group “Lmd” The theatrical group “Lmd” after presenting a first part of its play “Estrogen 2 Oxygen” in the context of the Bob Theater Festival and the Off-oFF Athens Festival continues, with the now completed form of its play, at the renovated Fabrica Art Space. The team consists of […]