Puppet theater show- Italo Pecoretti & Follemente Company

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Teatro delle dodici lune (Italo Pecoretti), Follemente Company

Two puppet theater players are coming from Italy to Fabrica Artspace to give one unique show on Tuesday, March 13th! PULCINELLA, death and miracles- Italo Pecoretti The fate of Pulcinella is to face the challenges of life with his unparalleled sympathy, in this case it does without the use of t h e w o […]

¨nau frágil¨- music performance by Rafa Carvalho

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nau frágil-Rafa Carvalho

Experimental artistic project that has the Sea as its only theme: fact and symbol. Where Rafa Carvalho with a simple percussion set containing a ilú (specific instrument from Pernambuco), a ocean drum and some rattles of seeds and nails, mix his songs with movements, dance, poems and storytelling, having always the rhythm as a base […]