Book Presentation: The Blind Horse. Dialogues with Eugenio Barba and other writings

Book Presentation: The Blind Horse. Dialogues with Eugenio Barba and other writings

Book presentation

Dodoni Publications and the Center for Theatrical Anthropology (Heraklion, Crete) invite you on Monday, January 17 at 7 p.m. in the presentation of the book

The Blind Horse. Dialogues with Eugenio Barba and other writings
by Iben Nagel Rasmussen
actress and educator of the Odin Theater
translation Antonis Diamantis, Irini Koutsaki

at the Fabrica Artspace \
Meg. Alexandrou 125 & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos, Athens 104 35, tel. 2103411651

The author comes to Athens to talk about her book, invited by Dodoni Publications and the Center for Theatrical Anthropology.

More about the book and the author:

People who will talk about the book
the author
Manolis Seiragakis, Assistant Professor of Theatrology, University of Crete
Christina Zoniou, Lecturer, Department of Theatrical Studies, University of Peloponnese

Excerpts from the book will be read by
Aris Biniaris, Director – Actor
Antonis Diamantis, Director – Actor – Theater Instructor
Irini Koutsaki, Actor
Georgia Karlatira, Actor – Director

The event will feature visual material from performances by the Odin Theater.

For the book:

The Blind Horse. Dialogues with Eugenio Barba and other writings are a treasure trove of Odin Theater bibliography. It has been published in Spanish, Italian, English and most recently in Portuguese. The original Danish version dates back to 1998, born of an interview between Eugenio Barba and Iben Nagel Rasmussen. The flow of their discussions makes the book so interesting.

The Blind Horse. Dialogues with Eugenio Barba and others do not fall into the category of Eugenio Barba’s theoretical books, nor into the category of books about education that he and many of his actors have written. This is a book that claims a place in the intermediate categories, where we can experience a discussion – and a tension – between two different roles in the theater: that of the director (Eugenio Barba) and the performer (Iben Nagel Rasmussen). Their language is open and personal, allowing us to see between their actions and their efforts for an uninterrupted search of their personal integrity.

This is not a book about education. You will not find rules, exercises or tricks. It’s a book about what makes education worthwhile. Around the morals hidden behind the actor’s art. Written by an artist who also does not find her place among conventional categories. She is a performer, a narrator, a musician, a teacher. It is an authority that constantly blurs the line between personal stories and artistic practices. This is a very personal book and, paradoxically, it’s a global emotion. The reader may find Iben’s path in the theater too familiar, as her stories echo the path of every devoted artist.

The Blind Horse. Dialogues with Eugenio Barba consisted of chapters commemorating the beginning of Odin and his producers until the play Kaosmos (1993-1996). In the first three chapters we hear only the voice of Eugenio Barba. Starting with Kaspariana, the period when Iben Nagel Rasmussen became a member of the Odin Theater, each chapter is double and their two voices begin to be heard. Through the juxtaposition of everyone’s memories of common creative processes, we begin to understand that they are radically different while at the same time converging on defining this polyphonic unit that is so characteristic of Odin’s productions.

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