Archimidis Kavakidis, “Buildings, artistic experimentation in architectural structures” – Art exhibition 05/12 to 07/01/2016

When the art of line drawing meets the typography of 1960 the result is as fresh as the look of the artist Archimidis Kavakidis.

The art exhibition of Archimidis Kavakidis entitled “Buildings, artistic experimentation in architectural structures” from 05/12/15 to 07/01/16 at the Fabrica Artspace.

The play:

A line can become a limit but you exceed the limit, you enter the flow of letters and you give volume and shape, as a result of which they create an image. The words that you imagine will be given to you by the words…

The purpose:

Or art is for everyone. It can bring people in contact. It is a way of connecting a society but also of all peoples. It is a common language for everyone. So we have the opportunity to unite and offer…

During the exhibition, copies of the exhibits will be for sale at a symbolic price and all proceeds will be donated entirely to the organization “the other person” – Social kitchen program.

Exhibition starts: Saturday 5 December (until 07/01)
Fabrica Artspace: 125 Meg. Alexandrou, Keramikos

Art exhibition: Archimedes Kavakidis – Buildings, visual experimentation in architectural structures