“Amnesia in love” A hysterical comedy by Christos Randos.

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
“Amnesia in love” A hysterical comedy by Christos Randos.
21 thousand people… When the whole earth is hit by Amnesia in love, people start to disappear one after the other Α Aliamna and Asmin the kings of the future get DNA material from three famous couples Romeo, Juliet, Marilyn, Kennedy, One and Two.

Until the moon turns red, they try to make them fall in love so that humanity can reproduce from the beginning and love can be reborn. But nothing goes well, because the clones all come out defective…

A hysterical comedy by Christos Randos that sees love with a harsh look… and presents it as it really is. Without taboos, without barriers. A love that uproots your heart little by little… Love is not peaceful is an eternal war of domination of our ego…

Text / Direction: Christos Randou
Sets / Costumes: AVENEW

Diana Fragia, Vassilis Eftychiakos, Eleftheria Dimitriou, Dimitris Babaniotis, Elisavet Giannakou, Christos Randou, Efrosini Valtadorou, Andreas Kolini

Performances: 09, 16, 23 & 30 May
Time: 21:21

Theater: Fabrica Technopark
Meg. Alexandrou 125, Kerameikos
Tel. Contact 6959363222