“Adam & Eva” – by Giannis Sofikitis – from 17/05/17

Αδάμ & Εύα-Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
“Adam & Eva” – by Giannis Sofikitis

From Wednesday, May 17 at 21:30 and for a specific number of performances, Fabrica Technochoros will host the performance “Adam & Eva”, by Giannis Sofikitis.
Adam: Well, from 5/17/2017 every Wednesday at 9:30 pm come to see us. We will be in Fabrica.
Eva: Our big premiere will take place on May 17. We will be waiting for you, in the spring and in the blooming flowers and the beautiful smells, in the beautiful little theater in Fabrica. So, every Wednesday we will open the gates of our Garden and at 21:30 exactly, we will tell you, next to huge waterfalls, company with beautiful predators that eat strawberries, stories full of emotions and colors and discoveries…

Adam:… yes… we will tell you about our lives in a few words.
Eva: You finally stop rejecting everything I say.
Adam: You rejected what I said and you say about strawberries and flowers. What do these have to do with each other?
Eva: You have to put them in the mood.
Adam: Why did they not understand? I told them all the information. They will come. It is also close to the Metro.
Eva: Yes but you did not tell them why to come.
Adam: Why not come. After we told them.
Eva: Well, say it as you wish.
Adam: But what happened to you now?
Eva: Nothing.
Adam: Well then.
Eva: You love me, I know.
Adam: Eva, this is not the time.
Eva: I love you too.

A spartan comedy based on Mark Twain’s “Adam and Eve Diary”.


Text-direction: Sofikitis Giannis
Assistant director: Melikoki Konstantina
Cast: Semertzian Sotiris, Faye Vakrinou
Scenography-tutorial: Picasi Eleni


Extension dates: From May 17 and every Wednesday
Start time: 21:30 (M. Alexandrou 125 Kerameikos)
Admission: free contribution
Tel. Reservations: 6948849914
Venue: Fabrica Technopark, 125 Megalou Alexandrou and Evrymedontos, Kerameikos