a Space of Culture in the Center of Athens

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα, Μεγ. Αλεξάνδρου 125 & Ευρυμέδοντος, Κεραμεικός, ΑΘΗΝΑ

In the heart of Keramikos, in the center of Athens, a new space welcomes you daily from 11:00 am until late at night to drink your coffee or your drink. The initiators of the entire project created from scratch a site based exclusively on the idea of handmade and recyclable, whose furniture reminiscent of modern art.

Technochoros Fabrica consists of three stages. At the basement there is located the handmade theater of the company, where both Fabrica Athens as well as other guest companies present theirs productions. The Handmade & Recycled Festival has already been established there and has been embraced by all sorts of artists as well as the neighborhood itself.
At the basement a cozy space is waiting for you, also made by the hands of the company using recycled materials. Planks and gears turned into tables, colorful barrels turned into sofas, spools of cables PPC transformed into comfortable rocking chairs are just some of the transformations of the basement. This space is used as a cafe-bar, foyer, while in the meantime it accommodates theatrical and musical performances, happenings inspired by the art of acrobats and circus , art and photo exhibitions, films and documentaries, among other things. Friendly environment, colorful and mainly artistic, is the ideal place to search for the Little Prince, the Tzesolmina, Charlie…and all those small and unsung heroes who are still searching to find the missing Red Balloon.

The attic, being more isolated, serves as a reading room and as an exhibition space, as well as for video art projections.
The access is open to people with special needs, cyclists and pets (there are special stands for bikes and cookies for your small friends).

Little warning! In the area surround towering stilt walkers and serve a magic potion. If you come across them, order it and then ask them to tell you the History of Circus of Love. Who knows? Maybe you will transform yourself into your own Hero that you really look up to ... and perhaps you will love him much more than you think.

Meg. Alexandrou 125 & Eurymedontos, Keramikos, Athens
We are waiting for you