A.P. in our house- Dir. Ioanna Bakalakou- from 01/02/18

Ο Α.Π. στο σπίτι μας, σκην. Ιωάννα Μπακαλάκου
A.P. in our house- Dir. Ioanna Bakalakou- from 01/02/18

A theatrical performance that attempts to overturn for many the wrong image of a religious ethicist writer and to highlight the social Papadiamantis, the one who stigmatizes injustice, the politicians, the traditional position of the woman who is “sold” through marriage. The humorist Papadiamantis, with irony and sarcasm to subject to very sharp criticism many situations of the time. The erotic Papadiamantis, with the poetic, sensual images of unbearable love. The poet Papadiamantis, with the magic of the words and phrases he uses. ” – (Baskozos Giannis N., To Vima, 03/01/2011)

A philologist, an architect, a costume designer and a musician live in present-day Athens, sharing a co-working space and playing a game once a week. They play the stories of Papadiamantis, speak the language of the author and follow the story until they come to live it, to taste it and to express it. The stories and questions posed by the great author, compose a playful and dark platform that brings the then to the here and now, making Papadiamantis an interesting, up-to-date, entertaining, invisible teammate.

A play that illuminates the humor, irony, sarcasm and sharp criticism that the author exerts on the social phenomena of the time (us), using a modern theatrical look. The text of the play is a composition of five short stories by A. Papadiamantis – “The Witches”, “The Voice of the Dragon”, “The Pharmacist”, “The Haunted Chamber”, “Loaded Bones” – the language of the author is kept intact, the The music and songs of the show are originals and adaptations of traditional themes, which are played live on stage.

Director’s Note

Re-reading Papadiamantis two years ago, I came across his stories that have to do with the relationship between man and mythology, the metaphysical, death and the effect that luck and social control have on our lives. I found out once again that he is a writer who speaks directly to the human soul, who raises fundamental issues that are crucial and eternal, and therefore modern. With a cinematic look and a playful mood, Papadiamantis puts the reader in the place of the companion in his stories. It is this feeling that he gave me that I walk next to his heroes and that I become a participant and teammate is what pushed me to find my meeting point with him and to do a theatrical act of these five of his short stories. A game in these stories, a revealing game of four people today, who wear their clothes, use the things of their home, the tools of their work and follow the story until they come to live it, to taste it and to express. I used a simple theatrical code and tried to stay in the essential action which serves and enlivens the text, working in opposition to the great poetic language of Papadiamantis.


Cast: Lola Giannopoulou, Teresa Kritikou, Ioanna Bakalakou, Don Christodoulou

Conception – composition of texts – direction: Ioanna Bakalakou

Music-songs: Lola Giannopoulou

Sets / costumes: Thrassos Christopoulos

Lighting: Apostolos Strantzalis

Assistant director / cinematographer: Emma Mavreli

Graphic design: Pantelis Chatziiordanoglou

Photos: Michalis Efthimiou (M-WORD RADIO)

Production: AMKE “GROUP”

Contact: Natali Tsirigoti

M: 6972899406 | E: natalie.tsirigoti@gmail.com


Duration of performances: 01/02/18 – 29/03/18

Starting day and time: Every Thursday at 9.30 pm

Ticket: 10 euros (general admission), 5 euros (reduced)

Tel. Reservations: 6977442513

Venue: Fabrica Technopark, 125 Meg. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos