[31/10/2014]: “Like a Lie”

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
“Like a Lie”
From 31/10/14 to 29/11/14

Marina Kostaki. A woman divorced. A different story. Last night at home where everything has something to say. Loves, passions, mistakes and sins… A few hours before moving out of the house where she has lived as a bachelor, but also as a married woman. Everything turns in her head and the truth is confused with the lie. Reality with fiction become one. And the game begins… The countdown starts when she gets pregnant. The lights of the ramp dazzled her, the thoughts clouded her mind and the wrong decisions were soon made. Responsibilities and regrets are confused in the blender of the mind. Where the perpetrator becomes a victim and vice versa, and everything seems not so normal. Paranoia becomes a roommate and guide of everything. The story is distorted and the crime demands justification, the soul a redemption and Marina a second chance. But can anyone forgive the murder of a child? What would be the punishment that would satisfy everyone except, of course, the moral perpetrator? And finally, is it possible for everything that this woman experienced to remain a memory, a dream… like a lie?

Performed by Kali Davri, written and directed by Giannis Tsoukas. The photo was taken by Zois Triantafyllou – Sfakianakis. The makeup is edited by Giota Aggelaki. Sets and costumes by Mary Maniadaki. Assistant director Vassilis Xydakis.

Duration: 60 minutes

Friday: 21:00

Saturday: 21:00

General admission: 10 €