[26/11/2014]: “Marina Cvetaeva”

“Marina Cvetaeva”
Drawing material from the life and work of the leading Russian poet, the Unison group presents the play Marina Tsvetaeva.

Guided by the episodes of her hectic life, her letters, her confessions and her thoughts, the Unison team composes the portrait of this restless and multifaceted personality. Through multiple narratives, a fragmentary writing corresponding to Tsvetaeva’s language, the actors represent the most critical stages of her life, illuminating her different qualities: poet, mistress, wife, mother, exile.

Marina Tsvetaeva was born on October 8, 1892 in Moscow. A writer and poet, a moderate opponent of the Russian Revolution, she lived in exile in Berlin, Prague and Paris. Her work is characterized by a sense of constant departure, the result of successive migrations, the abrupt transition from the aristocratic prosperity of her childhood to the misery of adulthood, her enlarged ultra-modern sexuality.

Drama: Unison team (Thalia Dimitropoulou, Elli Karypidou, Regina Mandilari, Chryssa Markata)

Text composition: Chryssa Markata

Sets-costumes: Eva Goulakou

Editing: Maria Foundouli

Lighting design: Tasos Paleoroutas

Console operation: Andrianna Dakanali

Poster design: Daphne Sgourou

Photos: George Charitakis, Antonis Kappas, Dimitris Sakalakis

Contact person: Marianna Christofi (6944276307)

Fabrica Athens – www.fabricaathens.gr

Megalou Alexandrou 125 & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos, Athens

Performance days: 26,27 / 11 and 3,4,10,11,17,18 / 12

Performance hours: Wednesday 22.00, Thursday 21.00

Ticket price: 10 euro, 5 euro (reduced)

Reservation phone: 6943758894

Email: unisontheatergroup@gmail.com

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unison/271810192987985?ref=hl