[16/11/2014]: “The Irish Bastard!”

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
“The Irish Bastard!”
From 16/11/14 and for every Sunday at 20.30

Having managed to reach the final of the 1st Scratch Festival, winning the third place among the twelve entries, the theatrical team START comes to the Fabrica Athens Artspace to present the comedy of George Hatzikyriakos:

The Irish Bastard

The Irish in addition to their love of drink, St. Patrick and their famous traditional songs about drunks, the green plains of their homeland, the successive revolutions against the English and the history of their ancestors – the Celts – they are famous for one more thing: for their good fortune. It is well known that they have the lucky clover as their national symbol.

A Piraeus family bets on this when they learn that their son, Antonis, who is missing to study in London, will bring with him a friend, the Irishman Paddy O’Leary, to spend the Easter holidays together. But Paddy is anything but a gourd, since, from the very first night, everything goes upside down for Antonis’s family. Unable to bear this situation, Litsa, Stavros, Denise and the grandmother join forces trying to get rid of the happy Irishman. In vain though. Paddy came to stay!

During the Holy Week – a real week of the Passion for the family of five – the house will be turned into the Karaiskaki stadium where Olympiakos will face its eternal opponent. Only this time the clover did not come from the Boulevard but from the green island of Ireland, not to claim the championship but to bring the Resurrection, a Resurrection that will be unforgettable for them! Because Paddy, in addition to his love for drink and the songs of his homeland, brings with him a family secret that will turn them all upside down.

StART team

Text-direction: George Chatzikyriakos

They play:

Kimonas Doussis

Efi Theofanidou

Denise Koutsi

Antonis Sarigiannis

George Chatzikyriakos

and in the role of grandmother

Marios Sakkas

Photos: Elias Zisis

Poster – graphic design: Creatures Team

Lights – sounds: Rizos Tsigaris

Music editing-video: George Chatzikyriakos

From Sunday, November 16, 2014

at the Fabrica Athens Technopark

Megalou Alexandrou 125 & Evrymedontos, Gazi (Metro Kerameikos)

Tel. Contact: 210-3411651 – 6977352501

Every Sunday at 20.00

Duration: 90 minutes

Indicative price: 7 €