¨nau frágil¨- music performance by Rafa Carvalho

nau frágil-Rafa Carvalho

Experimental artistic project that has the Sea as its only theme: fact and symbol. Where Rafa Carvalho with a simple percussion set containing a ilú (specific instrument from Pernambuco), a ocean drum and some rattles of seeds and nails, mix his songs with movements, dance, poems and storytelling, having always the rhythm as a base and very often interacting with multimedia resources, new partners and facilities specifications of the places he pass through. A multiple and variable presentation, as the sea itself, where people are invited for a deep sharing experience, flowing all the water meanings.


Rafa Carvalho is a poet who works in Poetry on it’s non-frontier pathway, living it in a constant dialogue with all kinds of artistic languages, such as music and performatics arts. His creation is based on the strength of living experience as often contests the wall between what we call reality and fiction, imagination. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, at 1985 and has very strong roots in Bahia, influenced by Indigenous, African and Mediterranean ancestors. During these nearly 30 years, Rafa has lived and travelled around the world, through about 20 countries, 4 continents, either being a teacher, a hitch-hiker, part of a circus crew, a monk. And so the list goes.

Entrance: plus 3euros in the first drink

nau frágil-Rafa Carvalho